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Changing therapists after MANY years of treatment with the same person

Is cheap canada goose uk it possible to change therapists after being with the same one for so long? I’ve been seeing the same psychiatrist (“Dr. C”) for about 15 years now to cheap Canada Goose treat moderate chronic depression, with a goose outlet canada smidge of anxiety thrown in from time canada goose outlet nyc to time. Besides talk therapy, I’m also on meds, which he prescribes and monitors. He is the only canada goose coats therapist canada goose outlet I have ever seen, so I have no baseline to determine what makes for good therapy. [more inside]

In January, my wife will be spending some time in residential alcohol rehab. She is motivated and excited to close this chapter in her life, and I am trying extra hard to give her a wonderful holiday. I’m trying to think of a present to give her after she comes canada goose outlet black friday home, something that I can tell her about this month that will help inspire canada goose outlet sale and motivate her to succeed and know how proud I am of her. But I’m drawing a blank! What do you think? [more inside]

posted by Darn those sockpuppets

on Dec 7, 2018

Helping Guide a Friend Away From “NotAllMen” Without Losing Friend

If you specifically have a friend you don’t want to lose who you know is not holding the opinion with bad intent, and thus you canada goose store are specifically looking for material that is explanatory and avoids the anger around this topic (well deserved!), and said friend is open minded and has changed their mind on various things before, what reading pieces would you forward to him regarding why the “wait a minute, not all men” response is bad?

posted by WCityMike

on Apr 29, 2018

What do you do about longterm chronic anxiety becoming acute?

I have had many canada goose clearance sale sessions with good therapists over decades and am fluent in CBT and ACT. I dislike the impact drugs have on me. Recently I have experienced an increase in anxiety that is impacting significantly on my life (without an external triggering event). I have flexible, rewarding work, sufficient income, loving partner, canada goose outlet parka great friends, reasonable health, but my anxiety has increased to the point it is interfering with my daily life (daily panic attacks, chest pain, speech impediment, avoidance of necessary tasks). I still apply the tools of cognitive behaviour therapy and acceptance committment therapy. After years of experience, I dislike using SSRIs to manage my moods because they flatline me, canada goose outlet uk and reduce the level of happiness I can experience. Is there anything else I can do? (Cis F, 50, Australia, autistic, post hysterectomy, still have ovaries, social anxiety rules out social support options).

on Apr 12, 2018

Hearing voices what to do?

In the last couple of years, I’ve started to hear “voices” occasionally once or twice a week. I use the term loosely because the voices are canada goose uk outlet generally indistinct, and when they are distinct, they always seem to be my name (perhaps I think too highly of myself). I’m afraid to go to a doctor about this because I think the fairly low impact to my life is outweighed by the non trivial chance of being involuntarily treated. I have a good job, a good life, and a good family. I don’t think I pose a threat to anyone. What should I do? [more inside]

on Feb 20, 2018

How to deal with a friend that I feel is being passive aggressive?

My friend is ignoring me, for what seems like no real good reason, after some weirdness with my ex boyfriend. She’s ignored me before, over a situation where she felt like I wasn’t communicating enough with her when my dad was literally dying, and I had actually made efforts to reach out.

We’re supposed canada goose outlet toronto factory to be going canada goose outlet uk sale away together just the two of uk canada goose outlet us for new year and I’m considering telling her this canada goose factory outlet can’t happen. However, I always second guess myself and my feelings, and know I can be sensitive. Perhaps I care too canada goose outlet new york city much about this, and should keep her as a superficial friend if not a close one? I just feel personally (especially lately) like life canada goose outlet in usa is perhaps a little too short for this sort of stuff, which is causing me a lot of worry on top of an already mammoth amount of processing of difficult stuff from the last three years. [more inside]

posted by starstarstar

on Dec 12, 2017

You are not my doctor. Um, who should be?

I’m a mid 40’s white male, US, probably somewhere on the autism spectrum. Six years ago, after a progressive neurological collapse, I was cheap canada goose eventually diagnosed with paired idiopathic vitamin B12 and D deficiencies. Continuing medical care has been essentially non existent, often because there seems to be no one who understands the disorder. I would like to talk to someone with understanding of how recovery progresses and my particular case. who would that Canada Goose Coats On Sale even be? Snowflakes are thataway. [more inside].


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